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QueenslandUniversity, dame-Marie, Jeremie

The Queensland University Annex, Dame-Marie, Jeremie opened in 2018 to build agricultural production capacity in the Deme-Marie region. The University of Queensland remains and remains a private Christian university of non-denominational Protestant faith, whose mission and vision follow the Protestant tradition of holiness.

  • The Faculties of Queensland University, Dame-Marie, Jeremie
  • License and Master Degree Program
  • Faculty of Agronomy and Environmental Sciences (FASE)
  • Technical Agricultural Institute of Veterinary and Beekeeping (ITAV)
  • Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture (FASGA)
  • Faculty of Nursing Sciences (FSI)
  • Institute of Marine Sciences (ISM)
  • Research in Marine Biology, Master in Marine Sciences, Research in Marine Sciences, Artisanal and Maritime Fisheries

Queensland University
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