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Humanitarian Union of Voluntary Professionals for Governance and Integral Development (UNIVGOD)

The Humanitarian Union of Voluntary Professionals for Governance and Integral Development (UNIVGOD) at Queensland University (UQ) is a nonprofit Volunteer Association founded by a small group of professionals from Queensland University (UQ) with and for the mission to work for the full development and development of rural and urban populations abandoned and excluded from society.

And its main objective:

  • Contribute to social promotion for a united and fulfilling world
  • To work at the socio-educational, cultural or professional level to the development and fullness of abandoned children and young people in difficulty
  • Contribute to the social promotion for a more united and fulfilled world
  • To work at the socio-educational, cultural or professional level with the fulfillment and fullness of young people
  • Encourage schooling of young people
  • Defend the interests of young people and those from families in difficulty.
  • Contribute to the integration of young people in the socio-professional world,

To achieve its goals and objectives, UNIVGOD is considering the following concrete actions:

  • Organize days of reflection, conferences, meetings, seminars, talks-debates and awareness raising on democracy and local governance.
  • Encourage young learners in their educational or professional social centers.
  • Seek help from civil organizations interested in the cause of orphaned children and unemployed young people.
  • Create orphanage centers, health centers and income generating projects.
  • Enhance socio-cultural and educational activities in the interest of children and unemployed youth.

Mission of UNIVGOD-UQ

This project makes it possible to make the rural and urban populations aware of the existence of sexually transmitted diseases, in particular the Cholera epidemic and the Zika fever, HIV-AIDS, the greatest of these scourges. Volunteers (peer educators) will have the heavy responsibility to go door-to-door to raise awareness about the risks of contamination, ways and means of fight. In order to draw their attention to the evil, film screenings will be organized in the neighborhoods of this locality. To this end, we ask volunteers to provide quantitatively and qualitatively condoms, leaflets even the slide show for the projection of films, DVDs ... In short all the elements necessary for a good awareness will be welcome within the UNIVGOD.

Construction and civil works in rural and urban deprived areas.

It is a building site on which the volunteers of the UNIVGOD will have to assist the masons, the scrap metal workers, their tiles and carpenters in several tasks:

  • The digging of the foundations
  • The collection of sand, gravel
  • Water extraction - brick making
  • mounting or raising walls
  • Reinforcement and chaining
  • Roof
  • Rehabilitation of dirt roads in rural areas
This type of construction requires the active participation of UNIVGOD volunteers and allows to acquire notions of constructions (appointments of data and receive).

Renovation or Redevelopment

It consists in changing the image of an infrastructure in a dilapidated state (painting, roofing, repair, rehabilitation of the historical or natural heritage, reconstruction of a tourist site, improvement of the living environment and preservation of the local heritage.) NB: All the working materials will be welcome on this site as a contribution to the realization of the project.


  • BATIK: (drawing on the-t-shirt and table).
  • DANSE: The volunteers will learn to make overall movements (ballet and others) under the direction of a master dancer. The volunteers will have to present a show at the end of the construction.
  • PERCUSSION: learning or handling of djimbé (tam-tam), under the direction of a master drummer (percussionist)
  • CONFESSION OF PEARLS: Learn how to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
  • VANERIE: manufacture baskets, fan, and traditional sweep ..., under the direction of a master.
The objects made on this site will be sold and these funds will be used either for the purchase of school items for the needy children of the locality and the creation of a youth center.

Reforestation Project

It consists in giving back or creating a new greenery on a space of a locality. The volunteers will have as tasks:

  • Scrubbing
  • Picketing
  • Digging holes
  • Planting small plants
  • Watering and others.
This site will see the participation of an agronomist to give a better supervision to the volunteers for the success of the project; a community monitoring team will be set up for the sustainability of the project.

UNIVGOD projects

The UNIVGOD-UQ projects are: Health, Education, Community Awareness on: malaria, cholera, STIs / HIV-AIDS, hygiene in general (bodily, clothing, food and environmental) in villages, towns, orphanages, schools, and community health centers, hospitals etc...

  • Free intervention in villages, community health centers, and hospitals, local and international volunteers who have received adequate training in first aid and others.

  • Training people in villages lacking a community center for first aid

    • Reception of carer, medical students, nurses, doctors and other health personnel for training, interventions and internships.
    • Donation of sanitary materials to health centers and villages.
    • Future project: construction of a health center in a locality called Treuil, Rural Gros Morne, Gonaïves.

    The "sex" considered taboo in our circles according to tradition is nowadays a factor that contributes to the growth of STD / AIDS expansion. Talking about sex, the condom, intercourse is very complicated in Haiti and especially in rural and urban communities in Haiti. As part of our awareness and STD / AIDS programs, we have had a lot of problems with people and the fact that they do not know the benefits of wearing a condom correctly.

    Another problem is the shame of telling others to say "I had a sexually transmitted infection." These things are common in our communities and we try to free them and convince them to be able to speak without shame or fear of their ills. For this reason we have thought of expanding our network of peer educators in different national settings to expand the AIDS campaign that kills hundreds of people every day in rural and urban areas of Haiti.

    Education with UNIVGOD

    School is a means of learning that all children must participate in. It is a fundamental right. Some children are sometimes confronted with difficulties that the teacher alone can not solve for several reasons: teachers follow a pedagogical program and must, therefore, maintain a rhythm; but also because of the number of students. Indeed, some classes are overloaded and it becomes complicated to do case by case. This school support project is part of the proposed missions concerning children and their good development; by the UNIVGOD. This mission consists in integrating a school and more specifically a class. Interested volunteers must actively participate in the daily school and to do so, they must accompany the teacher in his predefined school program. This project is of course for students (aged 3 to 12), but also teachers with whom the volunteer co-animates the class and must know how to manage its proper functioning. School support comes alive in a school setting.

    Regarding the assets required for the smooth running of this project; First of all, there is the goodwill of the volunteers involved. Speaking of volunteers, the meeting of foreign and local volunteers allows for a greater diversity of ideas to offer students, as well as a difference in pedagogy that can make a difference. In addition, we are in the capacity to bring to class documents (textbooks or not, coloring, etc.) that will allow a more varied learning. And finally, our daily presence within the school allows a follow-up that is not negligible concerning the tutoring. Volunteers are seen as full players and are there to support and support teachers and, of course, students. They can also be a source of ideas and suggestions for games, songs or any animation.

    The goal is of course to help the children in their schooling at a crucial moment of it, that is to say during its foundations (from 4 to 10 years), to support and accompany the teachers in their task, to promote student learning and thus contribute to an exchange of culture and sharing of values ​​and mentalities of each. We hope that this project can meet the objectives set. Thanks to the presence of volunteers and members of the UNIVGOD association, the children will have more support and support. We hope as well as a real dialogue, exchange takes place between teachers and volunteers.

    You are a professional, you have not yet found a job, go on a mission with UNIVGOD for months of experience and live a professional career.

    Make a Donation and Support UNIVGOD.


    Humanitarian Union of Voluntary Professionals for Governance and Integral Development (UNIVGOD)
    Unión Humanitaria de Profesionales Voluntarios para la Gobernanza y el Desarrollo Integral (UNIVGOD)
    Union Humanitaire des Professionnels Volontaires pour la Gouvernance et le Développement Intégral (UNIVGOD)
    8 Pernier 17, rue des Lauriers, route de Frères, Section rurale de Pétion-Ville,Pétion-Ville, Haïti

  • Téléphone (509) 4165-8585
  • Email : univgoduq@gmail.com
  • Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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