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United Friends for Haiti (UF-Haiti)

United Friends for Haiti (UF-Haiti) is a Non- profit Christian Organization founded in the year 2017 to support the spiritual and social activities of Queensland University (UQ) Haiti, Grace Evangelical Theological Seminary (STEG), planting Haitian churches, equipping future national leaders through education and training, uniting Christian and friends around the world, pastoral ministries, Elementary and High School, health clinic and nutrition center.

United Friends for Haiti (UF-Haiti) began by the initiative of Jean-Claude Dorsainvil God given desire to share Grace Evangelical Theological Seminary (STEG) of Queensland University (UQ), seminary training in the area of Hinche, Plateau Central and the opening of a mini-campus of Queensland University in the region of Pignon, North, Cap-Haitien.

We began to start activities in 2018, nursing school for young women, Pastoral training, elementary school, Queensland University, agricultural farm for the student.

By the grace of God we commit ourselves to be generous, by our gifts, our money and our time for the kingdom of Christ to progress in our country and in the world.

We recognize that the multiplication of churches remains a secondary concern in the life of our communities in the rural and urban areas of Haiti.

By the grace of God we commit ourselves to involve each of our communities in a multiplication dynamic so that the Gospel penetrates every city, every village, and every sub-culture of our country Haiti. We want to encourage bold initiatives and Haitian People so that our communities grow and multiply.

We recognize that we rely too often on our own human resources without first seeking the power of one who alone can transform us, and who alone can convince men and women of their need for salvation and the response that is in Jesus.

Pastoral Training

This project makes it possible to make the rural and urban populations aware of the existence of sexually transmitted diseases, in particular the Cholera epidemic and the Zika fever, HIV-AIDS, the greatest of these scourges. Volunteers (peer educators) will have the heavy responsibility to go door-to-door to raise awareness about the risks of contamination, ways and means of fight. In order to draw their attention to the evil, film screenings will be organized in the neighborhoods of this locality. To this end, we ask volunteers to provide quantitatively and qualitatively condoms, leaflets even the slide show for the projection of films, DVDs ... In short all the elements necessary for a good awareness will be welcome within the UNIVGOD.

Construction and civil works in rural and urban deprived areas.

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” 2 Timothy 2:2

A community once overshadowed by Vodou and dominated by fear and hatred, is now a community working together as a result of the Gospel and pastoral training. With evangelism, discipleship and training as the main focus of the ministry, has been able to reach many in the 3 surrounding villages that were once lost in Vodou and are now being offered hope through the love of Christ.

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United Friends for Haiti (UF-Haiti)

  • Email : unitedfriendsforhaiti@gmail.com
  • telephone (509) 4310-5050
  • Campus of Queensland University (UQ) Pignon, Cap-Haitien, Haiti

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