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Queensland University (UQ) is a Private institution of Protestant religious denominations of higher and university education established in October 1996, under the initiative of Reverend Dr. Jean-Claude Dorsainvil, as Founder of Queensland University (UQ) and then the creation of the Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education (QFCHE) www.qcfhaiti.org a Non-Profit Christian Organization whose mission is to work to improve the living conditions of rural and urban of poor communities of Haiti.

After several years of operation, the Grace Theological Evangelical Seminary (STEG) at Queensland University (UQ) is the first instance recognized by the Haitian Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cults that allows STEG-UQ to operate and deliver Diplomas until postgraduate. Later after so much struggle, the Haitian Government through the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) and the Direction of Higher Education and Scientific Research (DESRS) of the MENFP gave its Opinion Favorable to the file deposited by the Rectorate of Queensland University (RUQ) at the Direction of Higher Education and Scientific Research (DESRS) of the MENFP, Mr. Jean-Claude Dorsainvil has worked with efficiency within the Queensland University (UQ) until being recognized by the Haitian Government during the year 2014.

In Haiti, businessmen and the Haitian Private Sector do not invest in universities, unless you go to make a dance program with jazz music, you will find grants, to contribute to the development and the flourishing of Queensland University (UQ) it was not at all an easy thing to run a Christian university in Haiti.

The QFCHE-Haiti via Jean-Claude Dorsainvil, once founded has been a guarantee and responsible by taking the official act for the creation of a University of Protestant inspiration, having for motto: Christ is our Foundation (Fondamentum Christus) << Faith-Science-Technology >> with the spiritual substance, the biblical passage: << The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom >>. Proverb 1: 7
Haitian Protestant churches do not have enough resources to invest in a Protestant university like Queensland University (UQ).

The project to create a Protestant university was stimulated, on the one hand by the growing number of members of the Protestant church in Haiti and, on the other hand, by the awakening of a growing quest for education and scientific research. This initiative has been encouraged by Haitian legislation that grants churches the freedom and opportunity to contribute to the training of youth for the development of Haiti.

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