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The act of creation, the statutes and the legal recognition of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cults, definitively approving the Queensland University (UQ) to issue diplomas recognize the following missions:

  • Education, research and popular science;
  • Moral education in accordance with the Christian ethics of a professional elite useful, able to cope with the building and development of society and the country.
  • Its global vision is to promote in Haiti's rural and urban areas, competent human resources, initiated to the principles of moral and professional integrity adapted to the immediate environment in Haiti.
    Three key objectives guide the Queensland University (UQ) Program of Action, namely:

  • Providing society and Protestant churches in Haiti with high-level cadres of general and specialized training in the various sectors, endowed with intellectual, moral and spiritual qualities;
  • Organize research in all areas of the branches taught in order to discover methods capable of contributing to the improvement of the quality of work and finding solutions to the real problems of Haitian society and in general at national and international level;
  • Popularize the results of research through scientific publications.
  • When it opens, Queensland University (UQ) opens its doors with a single faculty of agronomy, today the UQ included nine (9) Faculties in two regions of Haiti and on its central campus in the Northeast, Fort-Liberté, Ferrier Road entrance, Dorly.

  • Faculty of Agronomy and Environmental Sciences (FASE)
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FMV)
  • Agricultural Technical Institute of Veterinary and Apiculture (ITAV)
  • Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture (FASGA)
  • Faculty of Law, Management, Commerce and Administrative Sciences (FDGCSA)
  • Faculty of Education Sciences (FASED)
  • Faculty of Medicine and Community Health (FASC)
  • Faculty of Science and Technology (FAST)
  • Faculty of Nursing Sciences (FSI)
  • Faculty of Protestant Theology and Sciences of Religions (FTPSR-STEG-UQ)
  • Pending authorization for the opening of the Faculty of Medicine and Community Health (FMSC) at Queensland University (UQ) and the Construction of the Queensland University Hospital (HUQ) on its central campus located in the northeast, Fort-Liberté, Queensland University intends to open cycles License and Master Degree courses in Biomedical and Medical-Sanitary Sciences.

    Since 2016, the Department of Biomedical and Medical Sciences has become the Department of Biomedical Sciences within the Faculty of Science and Technology (FAST) at Queensland University (UQ), which was activated in March 2017. FAST also includes the Department of Biomedical, Energetic and Environmental Technologies.
    1 Thessalonians 5: 17-18: Pray without ceasing / Give thanks in all things, for it is to you the will of God in Christ Jesus,
    2 Thessalonians 2:16 Christ is the source of encouragement and good hope. Christ is our foundation.

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