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Human Rights Training Institute (HRTI-UQ)

Founded in 2016 by the Queensland University Council, the Queensland University Institute for Human Rights Training (UDI) is a university-based institute of higher learning that provides technical and specialized training in the field of human rights.

With a team of specialist teachers and a network of partners including international and Caribbean institutions as well as many organizations in Haiti, the Human Rights Training Institute (IFDH) of Queensland University (UQ) welcomes since its creation in 2016 about fifty students coming from the rural and urban areas of Haiti.

One of the characteristics of the Queensland University (UQ) IFDH is its intercultural dimension. The Human Rights Training Institute welcomes students from several departments and regions of Haiti, including two students from the Caribbean. Foreign students are already welcome in Haiti. The education provided takes into account this diversity by the themes addressed.

The IFDH of the UQ enjoys significant support from former Haitian students spread over the ten departments of Haiti. They are very active in the field of human rights and remain in touch with the Human Rights Training Institute (IFDH) of the UQ.

This dimension is a source of wealth on the human level and contributes to the quality of the training provided within the framework of the IFDH-UQ. It is also consistent with the institute's desire to remain attentive to the major challenges of Haitian society and the international: globalization and identity conflict, Violence and reconciliation processes, new models of development and ethics of law.

The Institute for Human Rights Training (IFDH) at Queensland University (UQ) also offers training courses for professionals and specialists wishing to deepen their knowledge and technical skills on specific issues.

Proposed trainings:

University Diploma in Human Rights
Postgraduate Diploma Specialized Theory and Practice of Human Rights
Certificate of Specialization in Human Rights
Master 1 International and European Law
Master 2 History, Theory and Practice of Human Rights, mention Law of Freedoms

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Queensland University (UQ)
Human Rights Training Institute (IFDH)

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