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Association Of Schools Of Journalism And Mass Communication In Haiti (ASJMC-Haiti)

History Of The ASJMC-Haiti
The Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication in Haiti (ASJMC-Haiti) was created in 2011 by Queensland University (UQ) and three other schools of journalism. There is not really an association that brings together the schools of journalism and communication in Haiti, the idea to found an association of this kind had come by the Queensland University (UQ) after the passage of the earthquake of January 12, 2010, we feel obliged to regroup all schools of journalism and communication destroyed by the earthquake.

While the schools and faculties of communication that emerged in Haiti after the earthquake of January 12, 2010 could not regroup. At the first meeting of the association, Jean-Claude Dorsainvil was a key supporter of the idea, thinking that the time had come to found an organization to support and encourage journalism professors in Haiti. At this meeting, Rony Dorsainvil, Journalist and Civil Engineer said he identified three schools and a university offering some form of journalism education.
When we ask for an annual fee, the three schools that came to join the association began to slow down at the various meetings of the association, but the remaining members begin to prioritize an agenda that had seen them.
- To collect an annual contribution of 500 gourdes per month per school
- Allow the member schools to accept 24 to 25 semester-long units in journalism courses, with written writing, history and the principle of journalism, two units each as requirements, as well as writing and news reporting.
- To be eligible for the association, the school must adopt a school or department journalism program must be hosted in a four-year institution. Have at least two full-time journalism professors and offer practical lab work.

The association would like to dedicate a quality education in journalism and mass communication in Haiti.

During The Year 2017, The Association Adopted A New Mission Statement
The Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication in Haiti is an organization of leaders, deans, directors and program directors of journalism and mass communication in universities and schools. The organization seeks to collectively extend, at the national and even international level, the individual leadership that its members exercise on their campuses. This organization will ensure that its members innovate, manage and lead a rapidly changing media market. This will ensure that journalism and mass communication programs expand, deepen and reinvigorate the professions they practice, working with them to innovate and lead.

Contact :
Queensland University (UQ)
Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication in Haiti (AEJCM-Haiti)
Email: asjmchaiti@gmail.com
TlPhone: (509) 32682050
P.O.Box 13042 Delmas
North-East, Fort-Libert, Ferrier road entrance
Delmas 29, rue J. Peres # 8
Port-au-Prince, Hati (W.I.)