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Haitian Association Of Universities For Inter-University Cooperation (HAUIC)

The Haitian Association of Universities for Inter-University Cooperation (AHUCI) is an organization of universities and institutions of higher education in Haiti, created in 2010 under the initiative of Queensland University (UQ) after the passage of the earthquake in Haiti, and aimed at establishing close cooperation ties, in a framework of respect and plurality, with a clear commitment to the social link of higher education in Haiti.
Throughout its history, we have brought together the largest number of universities and higher education institutions around common goals and with a definite focus on the internationalization of education, the quality of education and the promotion of research and education in Haiti. Knowledge related to the solution of the social, environmental and cultural problems of the Republic of Haiti.
Since its founding, one of our emblematic values is the defense of the autonomy of Haitian universities as an essential essence of the university institutions, both in their governance and their internal administration and in the unrestricted respect of the freedom of thought, teaching and research.
Our goal is to strengthen academic exchanges, mobility, credit recognition and transfer, as well as strengthening evaluation and quality assurance processes.
At present, we have more than 7 Haitian member universities in 7 departments of Haiti. We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization recognized as an advisory body of Haiti and internationally.

Institutional Profile
We promote the improvement of its affiliated institutions and members by strengthening their relations with each other and with cultural organizations such as UNESCO, the Inter-American Cultural Council of the Organization of American States, international institutions, among others. It provides direction, coordination and unification in the economics and administration of Haitian, Caribbean and Latin American non-profit universities.
In the same way, we provide assistance for the exchange of professors, students, researchers and graduates, as well as for their publications, studies, research and teaching materials. It places special emphasis on strengthening the principles of freedom of universities in research and the flesh and with full autonomy.

Objective Of HAUIC
Our objectives are set out in the constitution of the Haitian Association of Universities for Interuniversity Cooperation (HAUIC) when it was created in 2010 by Queensland University (UQ).
Promote, affirm, promote and improve relations between Haitian, Caribbean and Latin American universities, as well as with other international cultural institutions and organizations.
Coordinate, guide and unify the academic and administrative structures of partner universities to avoid possible disagreements
Promote academic exchanges of teachers and students, as well as researchers and graduates, as well as the creation and dissemination of various publications facilitating communication, understanding and coexistence between affiliated universities and members.
Propose the establishment of academic freedom, research and full autonomy.
Contribute to the development of a free, peaceful and democratic society in favor of the ideals of Haitian-Haitian unity, respect for human dignity and social justice.
Encourage universities to contribute to social, economic and cultural development both in their local environment and in the broader context of Haiti, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Realize the cultural integration of Haiti, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Thus, we allow innovative ideas to strengthen our members, to achieve the quality and efficiency required by the contemporary university, in response to current demands and challenges of the future, to be effective tools for social, cultural development. Haitian, Caribbean and Latin American countries of a free, harmonious and truly humanitarian community..

Contact :
Dr. Euguens Fermine
Secretary General
Haitian Association of Universities for Inter-University Cooperation (AHUCI)
C/o Queensland University (UQ)
Email: hauici1968@gmail.com
TlPhone: (509) 4310-5050
P.O.Box 13042 Delmas
North-East, Fort-Libert, Ferrier road entrance
Port-au-Prince, Haiti