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Institution Mixte Queensland (IMQ)

Présentation de la IMQ

The Institution Mixte Queensland (IMQ) is a Christian School founded in 1999 in Haiti by Jean-Claude Dorsainvil, with the objective and mission to develop the vision of Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education (QFCHE) www.qcfhaiti.org . The Institution Mixte Queensland (IMQ) is a part of Queensland University (UQ) founded in November 1996 by Dr. Jean-Claude Dorsainvil, in the objective to serve the Haitian population.

Institution Mixte Queensland offers the following American Program:

  • Preschool
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Home School

Accreditation of Institution Mixte Queensland (IMQ)

The Institution Mixte Queensland (IMQ) is an accredited Member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS), P.O.Box 9741- Moscow, ID 83843, www.accsedu.org United States of America. The Institution Mixte Queensland (IMQ) is recognized by the Haitian Government via the Ministry of Education and Professional Training of Haiti.

Our mission is to develop Haitian students who think critically to the future of Haiti, communicate effectively and excel academically for Jesus Christ. Since nearly 18 years, Institution Mixte Queensland has provided Haitian children a strong academic and moral education through a classical Christian framework, and today the Institution Mixte Queensland has many Haitian youth graduate form international universities as Mr. Euguens Femine graduated at School of Medicine of Universidad Tecnologica de Santo Domingo (UtESA) as Doctor and other Haitian youth graduate as Diplomat, Agronomist. Our boldness and dedication has made a profound difference in the lives of several Haitian student working in several national and international administration.

The entire Institution Mixte Queensland / Queensland Christian School faculty nurtures and encourages its students towards daily excellence, maximizing their god given potential for learning and Christian leadership. IMQ dedicate ourselves to fostering our next Haitian generation of intelligent, spiritually rich Christian leaders. Institution Mixte Queensland provides a quality education to its Haitian students by adhering to these high standards:

Small class size

  • A low student-to-faculty
  • Develop, knowledgeable Haitian educators
  • Classical Christian education framework

Mission and Vision of IMQ

The Institution Mixte Queensland is a Preschool through High School College preparatory school that exists to develop Haitian students who think critically, communicate effectively and excel academically for Jesus Christ. We receive students in two campuses established in Port-au-Prince, and in the Campus of Queensland University (UQ) situated in the Northwest, Fort-Liberte, entree route Ferrier, Dorly.

Utilizing a classical Christian education, the Institution Mixte Queensland will develop Haitian students who are:

  • Exposed to a wide range of knowledge through the lens of Biblical worldview
  • Confined and articulate, and competently defend and apply Christian Biblical truth
  • Prepared for the college of their choice
  • Prepared for the highest levels of Christian leadership

The Institution Mixte Queensland provides an exemplary Christian environment as a nonprofit Christian school managed by the Queensland Childrens Foundation, and proudly employs the finest Christian educators in Haiti. The classical curriculum develops each Haitian students mind, body and spirit, inspiring them to become lifelong learners who value personal integrity and Christian values in the rural and urban in Haiti.

The Institution Mixte Queensland vision for each student

  • To gain a deeper understanding of the sovereignty of God
  • To encourage a challenging learning environment
  • To foster and nurture critical thinking skills
  • To develop an appreciation for personal responsibility
  • To enact good stewardship of their God-given talents
  • To exercise a growing concern for outreach exchange and missions
  • To reflect the virtues taught and modeled by Jesus Christ, personally, academically and professionally
  • To encourage civic education about all the rural and urban areas of Haiti
  • To establish a fruitful cooperation with the Christian schools around the world.
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