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Grace Evangelical Theological Seminary

Foundation and Our History

Founded in 1999 by Queensland University Foundation, STEG is an Educational Institution serving the Lord and his Church . Affiliate with the Mission Evangelique Alliance (MEA). Its mission is to prepare men and women for minsitry at home and abroad. Composed of evangelical educators, ministers and Evangelical Leaders, Grace Evangelical Theological Seminary (STEG) undertakes this task as a training partner with the Mission Evangelique Alliance (MEA) so that is learned on Campus may be complemented by spiritual nurture and the exercise of ministry available through the church. STEG exists to offer students an atmosphere that promotes and teaches a conservative view of all Bible Doctrines. Adherence to the doctrinal statement is supposed by all STEG student, faculty, staff and alumni. With the growing number of evangelical churches in Haiti, the need was evident for a theologically conservative graduate institution to prepare pastors, missionarires, teachers, counselors and other christian workers for the ministry. Grace Evangelical Theological Seminary (STEG) is a Founder Member of Association of Theological Institutions of Haiti (ATIH) and Haitian Association of Christian Schools of Higher Education (HACUAS).

Religious Affiliations
Inter / Denominational

Mustard Seed Haiti Ministries (MS-Haiti).

Mission Evangelique Alliance (MEA)
Christian Alliance Cooperative For Development (KAKDEV)
STEG exists to fill the vital role of training students to fulfill general role : Pastors / Missionaries / Teachers / Counselors / Christian Workers ect...

About STEG: With its Bible centerd evangelical core beliefs, Grace Evangelical Theological Seminary (STEG) is dedicated to providing its students with quality ; academic training.

STEG is committed to three core concepts in educating scholars of theology ; Connecting the Real Truth of God's Word with the Real Life ministry of our faculty and students to make a Real Impact for eternity. Presently, the seminary employs 2 resident and 3 adjunct faculty members. The Library, which had 150 volumes in 1999, has grown to more than 250 volumes. Enrollment for the Fall 2006 semester was 50 students and there have been 80 graduates since that first commencement in 1999. These alumni are actively serving as pastors, missionaries, teachrs, counselors, christian Educators or christian workers, chaplains, and seminary professors throughout Haiti, Latin America and Caribbean Region, and in the world Current accreditation from the: Haitian Association of Chritian Schools of Higher Education (HACUAS) STEG' is recognized by the Haitian Government : Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cults ensures that STEG student receive the highest level of spiritual training for careers in various church and parachurch ministries.

Consider some STEG distinctives

Faculty committed to God's inerrant Word A commitment to the transforming power of the Gospel fo a godly life A focus on instilling competence and confidence in practical ministry skills An onsite de 250 volumes library The ability to complete all degree requirements on a local campus with personal, high-touch acces to all your professors. The possibility of completing your ministry degree during the evening and still work during the day. The possibility of completing your minitry degree during the weekend and still work during the week day. We invite you to learn more about STEG mission, its doctine and history, and how you can get involved as a Supporter or a Volunteer for the advancement of the word of God in Haiti and around the World STEG's mission arises out of God's redemptive work in this world effected in Jesus Christ, understood through the Biblical Word and Mediated by the Holy Spirit. As a theological Seminary, it provides learning, resources and training through which men and women may acquire knowledge, gain skills and develop attitudes needed in Christ's ministry. Its mission, accordingly, is to serve the church in the following ways.